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If you are not particular about viewing a specific program, event or say a specific game show, and just want to spend  your leisure time, relaxing over a cup of your favorite coffee, especially after a busy day at the office and being more concerned on rewinding your day than anything else then why bother about paying for Netflix, Hulu etc. Instead, you have free content like Pluto TV Channels being shown on different platforms be it on the web browser, mobile application or via a streaming device like Roku. Moreover, you don’t even need to be bothered about the frequent price hikes of a paid service.

Having said that, I am not promising you exclusive, original content like the above-mentioned channels. Whatever is shown in a free service would be curated programs under broad themes like Horror, Comedy, Thriller sections etc, adequately supported by advertisements, which I would like to emphasize. Most programs will be reruns, which you may have heard about or seen previously or if you are not aware of, then you are lucky.  Sometimes the programs would be preempted by two to three minutes of adverts, before the actual program starts or sometimes, you will be directed straight to the programs.

Pluto TV on Different Platforms

There are many companies out there in the broad daylight of internet offering free content and the Granddaddy of them being YouTube. Pluto TV Channels comes second, it is an internet-based TV platform and runs as an application on 14 platforms like Apple TV, Roku,  Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV etc. It has partnered with 75 content providers, featuring 100 free channels, involving more than 6 million users. Besides this, the channels are harmoniously categorized under News, Comedy, entertainment etc. Depending on your viewing experience and preferences on the internet, you can also recognize some of the content offered by Pluto TV.

Pluto TV Channels

Pluto TV offerings

The interface of the application itself broadly classifies the content as

  •         Trending
  •         Live TV
  •         On Demand


Depending on your mood and preferences you can also choose the particular tab. If you are an addict of viral videos, then head straight to the Trending section, where you will find short videos that are currently trending from all over the globe from near-death situations that could set your heart racing to the sublime and everything in between.

Live TV

You are likely to spend more time here if you want to catch up on Live news or just want to watch a movie. They have the following sections

  • Movies
  • News
  • Sports
  • Comedy
  • Geek + Gaming
  • Chill out
  • Entertainment
  • Life + Style
  • Curiosity
  • Music + Radio

Every section provides ample choices to choose from. For example, under ‘Curiosity’ theme we have a host of channels to whet your appetite. If you are interested in court trials and intricate analysis on the cases, then you can opt for the ‘Law and Crime’ channel, or if you would like to know how Carrie Underwood – the winner of the fourth season of American Idol – rose to superstardom, then you can choose the ‘TV Biography’ channel. Under the ‘Geek + Gaming’ section, you have different channels like Feed, Hive, Anime All Day, Minecraft etc.

On Demand

This section provides Movies, which can be viewed on demand. It could be that you got interested in ‘Troy’, which was playing in the Movies section of ‘Live TV‘ and want to watch the same from the beginning. You could do so by selecting the movie ‘Troy’ in the ‘On Demand’ section. It has the following sections.

  • Most popular movies
  • Top TV series
  • New this week
  • Last chance to watch
  • Discovery Channel
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • TLC
  • Family
  • Animal Planet
  • Peliculas En Español – Spanish movies
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Science Channel
  • Horror

So,  as you can see, Pluto TV has pretty much the universe and whatever genre interests you, one can get it for free, even with Pluto TV mobile App. All you have to do is to activate the Pluto TV Channels in Roku

Ok! Now, How do I activate Pluto TV in Roku

Activating the Pluto TV channel in Roku device is simple with In fact, it is like any other channel. Once the Roku device is installed, go to the home screen in Roku and scroll to the search option and write ‘Pluto TV’ (Don’t stop with just Pluto ) you will get a prompt ‘Pluto TV – It’s Free TV‘. Select it and then later ‘Add Channel’. You would see that the progression of the channel getting updated and once it is done, you will be reminded that the Pluto TV Channels has been added to the end of ‘Home'(to move it, highlight it and press *)

Important technical information

Ensure that you update your Roku device with firmware 7 and above. Moreover, you need to check the Roku version by going to the Settings under Home of your device and then go to System and About.

Home > Settings > System > About

Pluto TV does not support the Roku device below version 7.  For further information to activate Pluto TV Channels on Roku with contact our agents@ +1-855-714-6360.

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